Place to chat (IRC).

Place to chat (IRC).

Post by tfa4.. » Fri, 11 Feb 1994 19:31:05

I'm just running this idea up the flag-pole to see if anyone salutes it !

What about having a regular place to chat for skydivers to meet up on one
of the IRC chat services on the Internet, say once a week ?

Just to make the suggestion complete, I'll propose the time and place:

        IRC:    Davenport Beach

        Telnet: 7777

        Login:  Login using a nickname as your login ID, then enter
                your password. For the first time, just make one up !

        Notes:  This IRC server seems to provide (IMO) the best user
                interface and works for most terminals. Set your
                terminal to auto-wrap, and new-line mode.

        Place:  Davenport Beach has several 'locations', so, as it can
                get quite busy at times, I would suggest using a place
                other than the starting point: 'clearing'. To get a map
                type .help map, to move, type (for example) .go footpath.

        Time:   4:00pm GMT, Fridays.