Only one rig during a puke?

Only one rig during a puke?

Post by Winsor Naugler I » Wed, 04 Sep 1996 04:00:00


>>Is there a boogie comming up at Aggies Over Texas??  The rumor I heard was
>>$100 bucks for all you can jump with one rig from Mike Mullins King Air,
>>October 12 and 13.  True or False????
>I've always wondered about the "one rig" clause during a puke.  What about
>people who do more than one form of skydiving, which requires more than one
>rig?  I've got a rig for freefall and a rig for CRW.  Presumably Mullins is
>trying to prevent the scenario where someone hires a packer to pack one rig
>while they're out jumping the other.  I can see him not liking that.  If I
>promise that I'll pack and jump sequentially, not jumping until both are
>packed, can I chose to jump whichever rig I please?  Anyone know?

This answer is very conditional.

In general, there is a one rig, that must be packed to manifest,

There have been rare instances of people training for competition that
were allowed to pay $198, for the use of two rigs at the same boogie.

If working during a boogie, doing AFF or camera, using more than one
rig is acceptable.  The fun jumps rarely cover the 6 jump
pay-as-you-go maximum, though, so it doesn't make much difference.

Having a malfunction on the first couple of jumps, you won't get any
opposition to registering a backup.

Since all the jumps you can make in 2 days for $99 ($149 for 3 day
boogies) is about the best deal in the sport you're liable to find,
I'd say work with the limitations that come with it.

If I want to switch rigs, I ask.  They've known me for years, and know
I'm ALWAYS packed before manifesting (there are a few people who pack
faster, but I can count them on one hand), and I have still been told
"no" upon occasion.   They may have other things to deal with, and
some people routinely try to cheat.

Even being stuck with one type of skydive, you can't go wrong (CRW is
not recommended, since the next load is exiting about the time the
first stack is built).  So long as you approach it as a specialty
affair, you won't be disappointed.

Blue skies,



Only one rig during a puke?

Post by Matthew Skinn » Fri, 06 Sep 1996 04:00:00


>(CRW is not recommended, since the next load is exiting
>about the time the first stack is built)

We do combined loads all the time.  The CReW flyers exit up to a mile away and
fly parallel to the RW jump run, but offset too one side.  At the Skydive
Richland (WA) $99 boogie, the CReW flyers simply exited last at 12,500.

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Only one rig during a puke?

Post by HighSpeedMa » Fri, 06 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Good God!  How in the world can Mullins make money on this?  Well, I
suppose alot of people will still jump their normal amount of jumps during
the weekend...but there are those like me who will get 16+ jumps in.  I'm
gonna shoot for 8/day.  Keep us informed if this is gonna happen at AOT,
Mark.  Thanks in advance!

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