need complete/cheap/safe first rig

need complete/cheap/safe first rig

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This is a cheap rig? :)  I've got one with a Pursuit, Northern Lite, and a
Phantom I paid a total of $560 for.  This is my waterjump, intentional
cutaway, JM that third load in a row rig.  Safe as a round can be.  I could
go cheaper but I actually jump this one. But, alas, not for sale. (My main
rigs are Vectors, ZP's, square reserves, and cyreses.)

Terry Urban
FAA Senior Rigger 1985

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Subject: Re:  need complete/cheap/safe first rig

Date:    01/23/97 02:52 AM

-Dolphin D-2 container
-Triathilon 160 main
-Tempo 170 reserve
-Miny risers, colapsible pilot chute, colapsible slider
-twelve jumps on entire rig
-owned by a rigger and comes with a fresh repack