Arizona Airspeed's 39 pt 4-way clip available

Arizona Airspeed's 39 pt 4-way clip available

Post by Paul Quad » Sat, 25 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I don't know if Tim Wagner has already posted this to the
newsgroup, but he's put up a clip in Quicktime and AVI of
Arizona Airspeed's 39 point 4-way skydive (an unofficial new
world record) at the OmniSkore site.

and go to the "tidbits" section and then select "Thursday,
September 23."  Scroll down toward the bottom of the page
and you'll see the links for the clips.

It's absolutely amazing and WELL worth the download.

He's also going to make a video tape available with more
coverage and the site has details on that as well.  If
you've sat at home (or work) enjoying Tim's coverage of the
event show how much you appreciate the effort by buying what
is bound to be an incredible tape.

Tim -- you da man.  Thanks for this incredible coverage.