100th jump took 16 years!

100th jump took 16 years!

Post by Captain » Thu, 22 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hi All
I wondered if any one can beat my amazing progress in the sport.

I did my first jump when I was 16.  Iam now 32. Last week I did my 100th at
Headcorn (UK).

I have jumped regularly since my first. Once a year for the first 4 years
then thanks to the Newcastle Poly (college) parachute club my jumping
increased to a massive 23 in 1989. Then I had a quiet few years of 2,3 and
4 jumps per year until last year when I made my come back with 9 yes 9

This year I have so far managed 5. Thats more than one a month. I even
bought some newer kit this week to keep up with my new found enthusiasm.

Anyone want a nice light weight cloud, round reserve and a wonder hog?

Phil 3D