'GOOD STUFF' Premiere's on the Peninsula...................!

'GOOD STUFF' Premiere's on the Peninsula...................!

Post by Martin Evan » Wed, 12 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Hi All,

Good News about 'GOOD STUFF'!

Sky-Eye Skydiving Services in conjunction with Skydive Delmarva, has made
arrangements to premiere Joe Jenning's new skydiving movie 'GOOD STUFF' to
Washington D.C. & Delmarva Area Skydivers & Visitors. We will be showing the
movie on a large screen TV on Friday Evening 21st April at 10pm, in the game
room at SKYDIVE DELMARVA, in Laurel, Delaware.

We have chosen this date and time to provide all who wish to attend the
premiere the greatest opportunity to do so. Our Easter Boogie officially
starts the next morning but of course we are jumping every day (weather
permitting). So if you come out early for the Boogie you can make a few
skydives, even the sunset load, cruise into town for dinner and still have
plenty of time to get back for the premiere. Those of you coming from DC or
further afield who unfortunately have to work on that day, can easily make
the premiere without having to rush through the evening traffic and even
have time to stop off on the way for dinner at one of the fine seafood
establishments our area is famous for!

For those of you with slightly less discerning tastes you can join together
out on our new deck, scoff pizza, guzzle beer, burn dead animals, guzzle
more beer, play pool, darts, pingpong, electronic or board games in our game
room, guzzle beer, watch TV and movies in our lounge, guzzle beer, laugh,
sing, dance, tell no shit stories, guzzle beer or do whatever the hell else
flips your switch until the "GOOD STUFF' happens at 10pm. Just don't be late
'cause the ride starts promptly at ten, got it? 'GOOD STUFF'!

Skydive Delmarva invites & welcomes you ALL to come on out and view Joe's
new movie which is already receiving rave reviews before it's first
premiere! Whether or not you are coming to our Easter Boogie, on your way to
the beach, just taking a trip out into the country, visiting friends or
relatives or other area dropzones we would love to have you attend the

Call: 888 875 3540 or 302 875 3540




Blue ones,
Stay Safe.

Martin Evans.

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