FS Complete Rig $1320 Talon, Raven2, Raven3

FS Complete Rig $1320 Talon, Raven2, Raven3

Post by David Laidl » Wed, 15 Mar 2000 04:00:00

For Sale through the Gear Store at Skydive Palatka

Navy Blue Rigging Innovations Talon (Man. June 1990)  with Royal Blue Yoke;
Royal Blue, Lemon, and Pink Striped Centerflap.  Navy Piping and Harness.  Very
good condition; Absolutely no damage, patches or skuff marks. Even the legpads
are immaculate.  Obviously not much used in last 10 years; (maybe a couple/few
hundred jumps)?  With brand new BOC Pilot Chute deployment, and brand new black
PC with leather hackey handle. Also a hook knife installed at ringcover.
Brand new T17 mini risers/rings and toggles.  Rig has riser cover tuck tabs.

Raven 2 Reserve without any jumps, also maufactured in June of 90.

Raven 3 Main with brand new suspension lines, Brown and Green.

Customer wants $1320 Firm.

Contact the DZ for more info;
David Laidlaw
Skydive Palatka