Spreading rear triangle of Cannondale for 8 spd hubs

Spreading rear triangle of Cannondale for 8 spd hubs

Post by Ira Idels » Thu, 28 Jul 1994 05:16:05

Has anybody had the rear triangle on a Cannondale spread from a
7 spd to 8 spd spacing?

I am in the market to purchase a new set of wheels and my local
bike store suggests spreading the rear triangle to fit an 8 spd.
This doesn't feel right to me.

I trust this mechanic.  He builds the best wheels around, he is
the largest Cannondale dealer in the area (I bought mine from him),
he is the Cannondale warranty center for my part of NJ and that if
I have a problem due to his work (spreading the triangle) he will
be the one to make good on the warranty.

He suggests building an 8 spd wheel and putting some kind of spacer
or adapter to allow the use of a 7 spd cassette on the 8 spd hub.
He says that this gives me the option to go to and 8 spd cassette
at a later date by replacing the 7 spd shifters with 8 spd shift
levers ( or STI I suppose).

I don't really care whether I have 7 spds or 8 spds (I'm getting by
just fine with 7).  My bike mechanic claims I'm buying into
obsolescence by building 7 spd wheels.  I would guess that 7 spd
cassettes and hubsets will still be around for a few more years.

So I guess my questions are -
 1) has anybody had the rear triangle ofa Cannondale widened for
 8 spds? Did you or do you have any problems with it?

2) are 7 spd cassettes and hubs as obsolete as my mechanics says?