Racing without pedaling (It CAN be done!)

Racing without pedaling (It CAN be done!)

Post by Ken Mannin » Sat, 02 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I quote from the October 23rd issue of VeloNews
in an interview with Nicolas Vouilloz, dowhnhill
World Champion:

VeloNews:   What do American downhillers need to do,
   then, to improve their results?

Vouilloz:   They need to train more on technical
   courses like Vail and Mont-Ste-Anne.  They need
   to do more difficult terrain but fewer areas to
   pedal through.  I talked about this with Mike King,
   and he said most of the courses in America require
   a lot of pedaling, and that when Americans get to
   Europe, they're tired from all that pedaling.  They
   don't need to do it so much on the more technical

I extrapolate that the ultimate downhill course requires no
pedaling at all, and then the cranks can be eliminated
from the bike all together.  If there is so little pedaling
required in downhill in general, why are the Americans so
tired from the little that they do?  How can top cross-country
riders do ANY downhill after all that extra pedaling?