WC San Sebastian

WC San Sebastian

Post by Erik Van Leeuw » Tue, 15 Aug 1995 04:00:00

A few comments on saturday's World Cup race in San Sebastian:

As usual the battle started on the Jaizkibel-climb. A group of 7 broke out in
front. Unusual to see Indurain not able to catch up with them as couldn't
Dufaux, the winner of the Tour of Burgos. In the downhill-section Armstrong,
Jalabert and Sciandri got away from Museeuw, Bugno, Della Santa and Piepoli.
Sciandri had a flat tire and fell back into the first peloton.
With 4 kms to go Jalabert and Armstrong were caught again by the other four.
It was Bugno who tried to jump away, but he was countered by the others. Della
Santa was some 30 metres out in front when Armstrong made the jump to him. The
others hesitated. Museeuw did do nothing because Della Santa was his teammate.
The 'sprint a deux' was not a real sprint. Armstrong won it easily. Museeuw won
the sprint for third place just before Jalabert. It was Sciandri that won the
sprint for 7th place, leaving Vandenbroucke and Indurain places 8 and 9.
Lance Armstrong was happy to win his first WC race in San Sebastian after a
'dead-last' in '92 and a 2nd in '94.
Johan Museeuw was quite unhappy with his teammate Della Santa to cooperate with
Armstrong who was a better sprinter, leaving Museeuw no chance to sprint for a
'sure' victory.

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