'cross bike opinions; esp. C'dale RX800/RS800

'cross bike opinions; esp. C'dale RX800/RS800

Post by Bryan Oakle » Fri, 13 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I'm considering a purchase of a Cannondale RX800/RS800 (amoung others)
and am looking for opinions. Anybody ridden one, and/or have alternative
suggestions? It's more than I want to spend, but what the heck -- it's
only money. I use my bike as basic transportation (and have since I was
old enough to ride) and am rewarding myself for getting a great new job.

A little background, for the curious:

I owned a first generation mountain bike, but since then have alternated
between owning a mt. bike and a road bike (never owned two bikes at
once). Right now I have a mt. bike and sorta miss the speed and handling
of a road bike. I tend to spend much more time on pavement than on dirt.

The planned primary use will be commuting to work over a dirt and paved
bike trail; a few city streets too. the dirt pretty much rules out a
bona fide road bike. I might also do some light touring this summer or
next, so I'm looking for the ultimate do everything bike. This time I'm
keeping my old bike so I don't have to put a baby carrier on my new
"good" bike. Finally, two bikes; what luxury!

A cyclocross bike seems to be just what I need -- mostly road bike, with
enough mt. bike in the genes so I don't have to sweat the dirt, mud and
bumps. I'm pretty sure I don't need dual suspension should I get another
mt. bike instead of a cross bike. I do like the idea of the headshock on
the rs800. Front suspension isn't a must for me, though.

I've read a few good things on Kona's Jake the Snake too, but it doesn't
have a front suspension fork. It is, however, considerably cheaper.

All opinions will be welcomed.


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