Need help compiling a suspension fork FAQ!

Need help compiling a suspension fork FAQ!

Post by James W Gourgout » Wed, 15 Jun 1994 07:13:01


I got the impression that a suspension-fork FAQ would be a Good Thing, so
I've spent the past few weeks (during spare moments at work 8-)!) writing
what I hope to be the be-all, end-all of suspension-fork (and stem!) FAQ's.
This thing is getting quite long, and I'm afraid that maybe it's getting
out of hand.  Anyway, right now, I've got a basic theory section,
descriptions of each type of suspension system (i.e. slider forks, linkage
forks, and stems, etc.), and some comments that I've been saving from
rec.bikes about the pros/cons of each fork and stem.

I also want to have a manufacturer's section...i.e., who makes what.  This
is where I'd like your help.  If you own a fork, or at least know a bit
about them, could you please take a second and send me the model and the
manufacturer's name/address/phone number, so I can compile them into the FAQ?
I'm planning to scour the mags for fork adverti***ts to get some of
this info myself, but I can't possibly get all the info that I'd like!
For example, I've never even *seen* an ad for a Pace fork or the other
more estoteric forks, like the Halsons, etc.

I'd *really* appreciate this!  Thanks muchly in advance!



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