UK National Bike Week: Southend-on-Sea Events

UK National Bike Week: Southend-on-Sea Events

Post by John CR Smal » Sun, 07 Jun 1998 04:00:00

If you're in or around Southend-on-Sea come and support one of the
following events planned for National Bike Week by Southend & Surrounds
Cycle Campaign group. There is no charge for any of these rides.

Sunday 7th June 1998
Between 9:30am and 11:30am take part in the 5 Mile Challenge Ride. The
route is a pleasent run along Southend sea front from Shoeburyness to
Chalkwall Rail Station. All finishers will receive a certificate.

Meet: near Shoebury Coastguard Station.

Wednesday 10th June 1998
7:15pm is the start-time for the Sea-Wall Ride, Leigh to South Benfleet and
back. This is an rough-track route more suited to Mountain Bikes though any
bike would be able to complete the course. It is advised that cycle lights
may be needed as it could end as late as 9:00pm.

Meet: Leigh Station car-park.

Saturday 13th June 1998
The Scenic Circular Southend Ride starts at 10:30am and takes in the
locality out to the Punch Bowl and back. This is the last day in National
Bike Week so make the most of it and come along!

Meet: Southend Public Library.

Wednesday is also Bike to Work day so why not give it a go, it'll give your
workmates something to talk about!

Anyone wishing to e-mail Southend & Surrounds Cycle Campaign please use the
address below remembering to delete the '7's first.