Alright! Who's using the English system....

Alright! Who's using the English system....

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> Objet : Re: Alright!  Who's using the English system besides us backward
> Date?: 24 fvrier, 1997 10:29

>> "Everyone knows that it's a lot easier to add mm than feet, inch and
>> fraction of inch."

> Oh, you actually add them? The rest of us just put it into
> the computer and it gives us the final measurements without having
> to actually add them up. What does AutoCAD care what number
> base is used?

You are right, each time i go on a construction site i could see the
carpenters, the guy who are installing the steel, etc.. with a computer in
their pocket and using AutoCAD...

To be serious, i'm from Quebec and we changed from English system to the SI
system in 1979. For the first year, it was a little bit difficult but since
this time it's a pleasure. Now, most of the workers think that the English
system is a pain in the a..

If you think that i add mm, i have to say that, i have work on (design,
the design or the construction)  over 1200 bridges projects and about 100
building projects since 1977 as an engineer. Do you think that i used
computers? Yes, a lot.

Often, old people hate change. May be you are or may be you are stubborn.
Don't be afraid of  the SI system, it will not bite you.

Excuse my english, we spoke french in Quebec.

Christian Lemay, P.Eng. M.Sc. MSCGC
Bridge Engineer