MCT Report: Paris-Tours & Team WC Pts.

MCT Report: Paris-Tours & Team WC Pts.

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RACE: Paris Tours

As the season draws to it's close the Motorola Cycling team yesterday
consolidated the good performances that they have registered throughout the
season in the World Cup events by taking second place in the team standings at
Paris Tours.

Erik Zabel, from the German Telekom team, who recently garnered four stage wins
at the Tour de l'Avenir took the sprint on the Rue de Grammont in Tours, ahead
of almost the whole pack. The boulevard in the Loire city is revered by the
World's sprinters much in the same way as Alpe d'Huez is by the top climbers.

After an aggressive final in the race, Steve Bauer garnered sixth place, posting
his best performance in the World Cup series this year. With one event
remaining, the Tour of Lombardy next Saturday, it looks unlikely that there will
be any major changes in the overall standings.

Ginaluca Bortolami's second place gave him the points necessary to move into
first place in the individual standings to move ahead of the Belgian Johan
Museeuw. The Lombard event will advantage the Italian more than the Belgian, so
it now looks as if the final race will be a formality.

.... Paul Sherwen reporting

MOTOROLA   Steve Bauer, Norm Alvis, Jan Schur,  Lance Armstrong    
RIDERS:    Bjorn Stenersen, Gabrielle Rampollo, Kaspars Ozers            

DATE:      Oct. 2nd, 1994
EVENT:     Round 9, World Cup
LOCATION:  Paris Tours
DISTANCE:  250 kms


1st   Erik Zabel           Telekom       Germany      6hr 15'37"
2nd   Gianluca Bortolami   Mapei-Clas    Italy             s.t.
3rd   Zbignew Spruch       Lampre        Poland            s.t.
4th   Mario Cipollini      Mercatone     Italy             s.t.
5th   Adri Van der Poel    Collstrop     Holland           s.t.
6th   Steve Bauer          Motorola      Canada            s.t.
21st  Norm Alvis           Motorola      USA               s.t.
29th  Jan Schur            Motorola      Germany           s.t.
56th  Lance Armstrong      Motorola      USA               s.t.
57th  Bjorn Stenersen      Motorola      Norway            s.t.
110th Gabrielle Rampollo   Motorola      Italy             s.t.
172nd Kaspars Ozers        Motorola      Latvia            s.t.

Individual Standings

1st   Gianluca Bortalami   Mapei         Italy           151 pts
2nd   Johan Museeuw        GB-MG         Belgium         125 pts
3rd   Andrei Tsjmil        Lotto         Moldavia        115 pts
4th   Giogio Furlan        Gewiss        Italy            87 pts
5th   Lance Armstrong      Motorola      USA              80 pts
6th   Fabio Baldato        GB MG         Italy            67 pts
7th   Gianni Bugno         Polti         Italy            60 pts
8th   Claudio Chiappucci   Carrera       Italy            54 pts
9th   Eugini Berzin        Gewiss        Russia           50 pts
=     Franco Ballerini     Mapei-Clas    Italy            50 pts
=     Armand De las Cuevas Castorama     France           50 pts
=     Erik Zabel           Telekom       Germany          50 pts
19th  Frankie Andreu       Motorola      USA              30 pts
29th  Kai Hundertmarck     Motorola      Germany          18 pts
29th  Sean Yates           Motorola      GB               18 pts

Team Standings after 9 rounds

1st   GB- MG Boys         81 pts
2nd   Motorola            53 pts
3rd   Mapei-Clas          43 pts
4th   Gewiss              39 pts
5th   Novemail            37 pts
6th   Telekom             35 pts
7th   TVM Bison           34 pts
8th   Polti               27 pts
9th   Lotto               25 pts
10th  Carrera             19 pts

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MCT Report: Paris-Tours & Team WC Pts.

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>Individual Standings
>3rd   Andrei Tsjmil        Lotto         Moldavia        115 pts

the last time i heard it was ukraine. i remember an italian tv commentator
elaborating  "ex-moldavian, ex-russian, now definitely ukranian..."