Classica San Sebastian - Belgian's corner

Classica San Sebastian - Belgian's corner

Post by keunen_oliv.. » Tue, 15 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Anyone interested in discussing the belgian pros' results in this Belgian's corner?

Here are a few comments on the Classica San Sebastian...

First, congratulations to Lance Armstrong for his first worldcup win in a really tough race.

Then, let's talk belgians...

Johan Museeuw has made a big step forward in his race for the worldcup final standings. Although we feared that Laurent Jalabert was gonna be a big threat on this stage, Johan did put on a great show to keep him under control, and even managed to finish ahead, to grap a few more points for the overall standings... The lead is now 43 points over Laurent, with two races to go.
Johan was disappointed though, because he felt so strong at the end that he thougth he could have won the race himself, but his teammate Della Santa attacked in the final, so Johan was trapped. Della Santa thought he was doing good to take Armstrong to the victory to prevent Jalabert from the 50 points of the race first place... He obviously didn't know that Johan was feeling so strong.

Frank Vandenbroucke, the 20 year old most promising young belgian racer finished in the top 10 (8th) of a worldcup race for the first time of his young carreer.

Axel Merckx finished at a good 25th place after quite a though season.