Proposals to Revise UK Bike Lighting Regulations

Proposals to Revise UK Bike Lighting Regulations

Post by Andrew Hen » Fri, 08 Dec 1995 04:00:00

The latest Cycling Weekly reports on some proposals from the
Department of Transport to alter the regulations concerning
bicycle lighting.  There are two main themes:  First, the
Department wants to ban the use of any non-approved form of bike
lights (LED lights being the most obvious example), even if you
also have other approved lights.  Second, new bicycles would
have to be sold with legal lights.  Racing bikes and tandems
would be exempt from this, as they are with the rules about

Chris Juden, the Technical Officer for the Cyclists' Touring Club has
mixed feelings about the proposals.  The CTC feels that the first
proposal will just stop manufacturers of unapproved lights from selling
them in Britain, rather than getting their lights to pass the British
Standard.  There was a guarded welcome for the proposals to require
new bikes to be sold with lights.

The six week consultation period officially finished yesterday, but
I spoke to Mark Gaynor from the DoT, and he will still take comments
for the next week or so.  Contact him at:

Mark Gaynor
Zone 2/01
Great Minster House
Department of Transport
76 Marsham Street
London  SW1 4DR

Fax 0171 271 4624

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