complete results from NCCA Nationals (long)

complete results from NCCA Nationals (long)

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Here are more or less complete results for nationals.  

MIT hosted the National Collegiate Cycling Championships May 22 and 23.
The 250 cyclists from across the country came to Cambridge to compete
in three events under ideal weather conditions for the coveted
"Stars and Stripes" national championships jerseys.  The riders, representing
32 teams and 10 conferences, are the finalists from the conference
qualification competitions which began began in February for those fortunate
enough to live in warm climates.  

Saturday's road race event was held on a hilly 7.2 mile circuit in
Arlington, Belmont and Lexington.  Each lap concluded with 3 short,
but very steep hills just before the finish line.   Aggressive racing and
an early crash took several riders
out of the race on the first lap.  With the University of Colorado
working hard to force the pace on the climbs, the size of the
field slowely decreased over the next few laps.  The critical
move came on the fifth lap when a group of 7 riders
broke away from the rest of the field.  The move forced the field to split
into three groups as riders tried to catch the group(s) in front of them.
On the last lap, the front group contained 10 racers as they began jockeying
for position for the final uphill sprint to the finish.  Carlson began her
sprint first and used her power to take third behind Janell Parks of the
University of New Mexico and Sunne Pollart of the University of Colorado.

In the 72 mile mens race, early breakaway attempts kept the 140 riders
on their toes with some of the riders being dropped by the fast tempo.
On the third lap, a breakaway led by Jeff Winkler of University of Califonia
at San Diego quickly established a 40 second lead.  On the fifth lap, Winkler
dropped his breakaway companions and quickly built his lead over the field to
3 minutes despite numerous attempts by riders in the field close the gap.
Winkler showed that his 7 minute margin of victory in the West Coast Collegiate
Championships was no fluke by cruising to a 3 minute victory and a national
championship jersey.  Tylor Hamilton, a resident of Marblehead, Massachusetts
riding for the University of Colorado attacked with 2 laps to go in the race
and held on to claim second.  He was followed by a large bunch containing most
of the 45 other riders left in the race

After a short night's rest, the riders were up early on Sunday morning for a
team time trial which followed a difficult 15 mile course through Concord,
Carlisle and Bedford.   Stanford dominated the women's event and thus finished
the season with an undefeated record in team trial trial events.  The
University of California at Davis led the rest of the teams in taking second,
1 minute and 12 seconds behind Stanford.  Davis was followed closely by
Caly Poly/San Luis Obispo, the University of Colorado, and MIT.  This 5th place
by the MIT women's team was it's best placing ever in the national championships.
In the men's event, the University of California at Santa Barbara continued
it's season long *** of this event but was followed closely by the
University of Colorado.   MIT put together their best team race of the season
taking 10th, one second behind Cal Poly/San Luis Obispo and one second in
front of the University of California at San Diego.

Sunday afternoon's criterium race held in Harvard Square was the final event
of the championships.  Thousands of spectators lined the 1 kilometer course to
watch the women's 30 mile race and the men's 40 mile race.  Both races saw
fast paced action as riders continually attempted to break away from the
pack and claim points (called premes) given to the race leader at the end of
specified laps.  Both races were marred by crashes.  This seams to be a
trademark of collegiate nationals, though last year wasn't so bad.  The
course perhaps should have been more challenging to string out the field

(a bit of bragging about our star rider)
The newly crowned Dr. Kjirste Carlson (she defended her thesis on Friday, the
day before the championships started) used her criterium performance to
solidify her position and finish 3rd overall in the women's individual
competition while Stroock's criterium performance moved him to 12th overall in
the men's individual competition.  Carlson's performance caps an outstanding
collegiate cycling career that includes 2 Eastern Collegiate Conference individual
championships and many victories throughout the last three seasons.

The women's individual title went to Janelle Parks while Sunne Pollart took
second.  Tylor Hamilton used a victory in the criterium to overtake Jeff
Winkler and capture the men's individual title.  The performances of Hamilton
and Pollart led the University of Colorado to it's 4th national team title,
followed by the University of California at Davis in second and the University
of California at Santa Barbara in third.

The combined efforts of the MIT Cycling Team, Breakaway Promotions who produced
the event, and the over 200 members of the MIT community who volunteered to
help with crowd control, transportation, and course setup led to what Stanford
coach Art Walker said was the best national championship event that he has ever


Individual Women                        Points

1. Janell Parks Univ of New Mexico      104
2. Sunne Pollart Univ of Colorado       80
3. Kjirste Carlson MIT                  68
4. Bobbie Mischler Univ of Washington   56
5. Karen Steiner Cal Poly/SLO           50
6/ Bettina Romer stanford               48
7. Hellen Drumm UCD                     31
8 Christie Friesen UC                   30
9 Tracy Timms Stanford                  28
10. Nicole Calakos Stanford             26
11. Kathryn Peterson UCB                26
12. Jill Baullinger UW                  24
13. Becky Quinn Penn State              22
14 Amy Hollingsworth Middlebury         22
15. Kim Kelly UCB                       20
16. Martina Lauchengro Sanford          16
17. Stephanie Stilwagon                 14
18.     Nori Cryder U Wash              14
19      Traci johnson Indianamm(?)      12
20      Chris Eckel UCB                 11
21      Kala Parker     Princeton       10
22. Ann Blanche Adams Stanford          10
23      Julie Rippingham UMass          8
24.     Annette Gronlund UCD            6
25      Tracy Brown                     5

RR                                      TTT             Crit
1. jannelle Parks U New Mex             Stanford        parks
2. Sunne Pollart UC                     UCD             Drumm
3. Kjirste Carlson MIT                  cal oly         Romer
4. Bobbie Mishler UW                    UC              Pollart
5. Karen Steiner Cal Poly               MIT             Quinn
6. Crhistine Friesn                     UW              Carlson
7. timms                                Cornell         steiner
8. Peterson                             UCB             Shane
9. bauldinger                           Princeton       Stilwagon
10 Hollingsworth                        Penn            Johnson
11 Kelley                               UCSB            Mishler
12 Calakos                              Teaxas A&M  parker
13 Romer                                UCSD            Eckel
14 cryder                               Army            Calakos
15 George                               Georgia         Blanche Adams
16. Lauchengco                          Indiana         Lauchengo
17 willes                               Perdue          Brown
18. gronlund                            Airforce        Rippingham
19 Rippingham                           Miami           Willes
20 Blance Adams                                         Gronlund
( I don't have 21-30 for the RR)  

Individual Men                          Points

1. Tyler Hamilton Univ of Colorado      169
2. Jeff Winkler UC San Diego            165
3. Adam Laurent UC Santa Barbara        155
4. Ben Bourne   UC Davis                136
5. Greg Swinand Univ of Massachusetts   94
6.Lee hall UC                           72
7. Tim Larkin  UCB                      60
8. Mike Lantz Indiana                   56
9. Kyle Dixon   Penn                    52
10. John Sakalowski Wesleyan            46
11. Desi Brown U NEw Mex.               44
12  Abe Stroock MIT                     41
13. Sean Wilson                         40
14. Micheal Shupe       UC              39
15. Chris Moura UCLA                    36
16. Adam Myerson UMASS                  36
17. Theodore Turne Army                 34
18. Eddie Salgado Cal Poly              34
19. Erik Anderson Perdue                32
20  Adam Cohn                           30
21  Kyle Smith                          26
22. Brian Flora  UCB                    24
23. Brian Franke UCSB                   22
25 Tod baur LA tech                     22
26. Brian Whitcome UCB                  20
27. Demetri Hubbard Indiana             20
28. Scott Evans  UCLA                   16
29. Bill Oyster Ugeorgia                16
30 Matthew Joy Cornell                  12
31 Brian Albert                         10
32. david landstrom Montana             10
33 Doug Ziewacz Springfield             8
34. Mike Baldwin UCSB.                  7
35  Derrek Boucard Hall Stanford        7
36. Tom Brutsaert Cornell               6
37. Jason Gentry Cal Poly               6
38. Ted Carlson  U>W>                     4
39 Allen Repp Princeton                 4
40. Allen Pepper Army                   2
41 Ira Bettinger UCSD                   1

RR                      ttt                     Crit
1. Winkler              UCSB                    Hamilton
2. Hamilton             UC                      Winkler
3. Bourne               UNM                     Bourne
4. Laurent              Indiana                 Laurent
5. Swinand              UCB                     Hubbard
6. Lee Hall             Stanford                Stroock MIT
7. Lantz                Cornell                 Myerson
8. Dixon                Umass                   Maura
9. Larkin               Cal Poly                Swinand
10. Desi Brown          MIT                     Flora
11. Wilson              UCSD            Whitcomb
12. Husband             Texas A&M           Sakalowski
13. Shupe               UCD                     Fouche
14. Eddie Salgado       Florida                 Evans
15. Anderson            Miami                   Lee Hall
16. kohn                Army                    ALbert
17. Sakalowski          UW                      Castillo
18. smith               Perdue                  Piepen
19 Franke               Airforce                Carlson
20. Bauer                                       Pepper
21 Hubbard
22 King
23 Oyster
25. joy
26. Landstrom
27. Ziewacz
28. Brutsaert
29 Repp
30. Reade

Teams                                   Points

1.      Univ of Colorado                519
2.      UC Davis                        333
3.      UC Santa Barbara                289
4.      UC Berkeley                     267
5.      Univ of New Mexico              250
6.      Stanford                        245
7.      Indiana University              221
8.      UC San Diego                    219
9.      MIT                             185
10.     Univ of Massachusetts/Amherst   182
11.     Cal Poly/San Luis Obispo        174
12.     Univ of Washington              156
13.     Penn State/University Park      134
14.     Cornell                         118
15.     Texas A&M                   66
16. Perdue                              66
17. Wesleyan                            56
18. Army                                48
19. Princeton                           38
20. Chico State                         38
21. Miami                               34
22      Florida                         34
23      Air Force                       30
24 Lousiana Tech                        22
25.     Middlebury Col.                 22
26.     ***ia                        16
27. U Georgia                           16
28.     Springfield C.                  8
29      U Reno                          4
30      Ukansas                         4