FS (UK): GT Outpost mountain bike

FS (UK): GT Outpost mountain bike

Post by J Pearso » Wed, 12 Feb 1997 04:00:00

GT Outpost, with metallic red frame/forks (20"(inch) frame) in excellent
condition. It has 21 gears and Shimano 'Quick-Fire' shift levers with Altus
drive set. The frame has chrom-alloy main tubes and is of the
'tripple-triangle' variety. I purchased the bike in October 1996 (it is the
'96 model) and it has been mostly used for road/path riding - it has not
'seen' any rough action. I am selling it as I no longer need it/need the
money. Manual and instructions for gear setup/service available.
For the bike (without accessories) I am asking 190 ono (it cost around
260 new in October - receipt available). With all accessories (listed)
250 ono (total new cost of accessories around 170).

Accessories available are:
* Cateye CC HB-100 cycle computer with heart rate monitor (wireless heart
rate transmitter) (mount currently fitted to bike) with instructions and
* Cateye rear (5) LED light and front (krypton bulb) light (mounts
currently fitted to bike)
* Kryptonite Evolution 2000 high quality D-Lock with bike mount (currently
* replacement non-quick release wheel spindles and seat post 'gripper' (for
security) (currently fitted - originals available for bike purchaser)
* 'Crud Catcher' front mud guard ('clear')
* 'Wolf Guard' rear mudguard (black)
* mini-pump with mounting frame (currently fitted)
* drink bottle with cage (currently fitted)
* Finish Line 'Teflon Fortified Bicyle Lubricant' and 'Biodegradable Citrus
Degreaser' (both in reasonably large commpressed aluminium cans)
* Puncture repair kit
* additional security cable with padlock
* Endura rain jacket that doubles as a 'bum-bag' when not worn
* Madison cycling hat (un damaged)

All are clean and in excellent condition. Reciepts available for many. Bike
with accessories would make up a quality 'outfit'. If you're interested
email me:

or telephone me (01455) 230960 and ask for Johnny (Pearson)