accident "what if"

accident "what if"

Post by Michael Hal » Thu, 15 Jul 1993 11:28:32

A "close call" this evening got me thinking about this question:

If a bicylist is overtaken and hit by a car coming from behind (bike
speed ~20 mph, speed difference 5-10 mph, car braking but too late),
what usually happens?  Does the bicylist get thrown clear, or do bike
and rider end up under the car?  If one finds oneself about to be in
such a situation, is there much to do except veer and/or accelerate as
much as possible?

Obviously, there are specifics to the roadway, time of day, and so
on, but it something I'd like to find out at worst second-hand....


"Headlights are sometimes closer than they appear",

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accident "what if"

Post by Andrew Lachlan Johnst » Thu, 22 Jul 1993 10:11:05

It happened to me. My rear wheel (cheap Al rim) got totally cruched under bull bar (why do city drivers need them??), I managed, somehow, to get a foot out of loosish straps and just walk over the top of my wrecked frame to safety.
Then again I could have beek tightly strapped in and been a flesh-cromoly pretzel. I guess I was lucky :-)