MCT Report: San Sebastian

MCT Report: San Sebastian

Post by Dave Weav » Thu, 12 Aug 1993 02:28:03

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RACE: San Sebastian Classic

The World Cup restarted after it's summer break and it was Claudio Chaippucci,
the little Italian climber, who took this round ahead of his compatriote
Farazijn. There was no major change in the overall standings

..... Paul Sherwen reporting

MOTOROLA   Norm Alvis, Lance Armstrong, Steve Bauer,
RIDERS:    Michel Dernies, Kai Hundertmarck, Alvaro Mejia,
           Max Sciandri, Bjorn Stenersen          

EVENT:     San Sebastian Classic


1st   Claudio Chiappucci        Carrera      Italy     5hr 47'51"

52nd  Alvaro Mejia              Motorola     Colombia     s.t.
63rd  Kai Hundertmarck          Motorola     Germany      s.t.

141st Michel Dernies            Motorola     Belgium      s.t.
165th Bjorn Stenersen           Motorola     Norway       s.t.
166th Steve Bauer               Motorola     Canada       s.t.  

Overall standings

1st   Maurizio Fondriest         Lampre     Italy    119 pts
2nd   Johan Museeuw              GB MG Boys Belgium   75 pts
3rd   Franco Ballerini           GB Mg Boys Italy     73 pts
4th   Rolf Sorensen              Carrera    Denamark  68 pts
5th   Claudio Chiappucci         Carrera    Italy     66 pts
6th   Max Sciandri               Motorola   Italy     61 pts

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MCT Report: San Sebastian

Post by ilan var » Thu, 12 Aug 1993 04:53:45

>2nd   Johan Museeuw              GB MG Boys Belgium   75 pts
>3rd   Franco Ballerini           GB Mg Boys Italy     73 pts

Shouldn't that be GB MG Men??

>..... Paul Sherwen reporting

On the same subject, in an alliterative flourish, Paul Sherwen
described Greg Lemond in last year's TDF prologue as a "big beefy boy".