MCT Report: Milan - San Remo

MCT Report: Milan - San Remo

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RACE: Milan San Remo

Giorgio Furlan succeeded in doing what only two other cyclists in history have
done. He took victory in the classic Milan San Remo directly after winning the
Tirenno Adriatico stage race. He began Saturday's race as number one favorite
and virtually walked away from the rest to take victory on the Via Roma in San

Raul Alcala shouldered the Motorola hopes in the big attacks that came on the
"Capos", the short, sharp climbs along the riviera. He was in a group of seven
riders that moved clear on the Cipressa and then again joined another small
attack that attempted to move clear on the final climb of the day the Poggio.

It was in fact from this group that Furlan launched his winning attack and
no-one in the race could match his speed as he soloed on to victory. Kai
Hundertmarck took an excellent fifth place to keep the team high in the
overall standings in both the team and individual competitions.

One man regarded by most of the European press as a big favorite was Lance
Armstrong, a fact confirmed by the amount of press coverage that he had gained
in the week prior to the race. However Armstrong was not in one of his best
days and was unable to stay in contention.

After the race he declared, "I felt like I had a five speed car and was only
able to use four of them. I'm not worried though, I have done the right
preparation. I know I will be better when we get to the Tour of Flanders."
At just twenty two years of age he already carries the responsibility of
being World Champion well.

..... Paul Sherwen reporting

           Jan SCHUR, Sean YATES

DATE:      March 21st, 1994
EVENT:     Round 1, World Cup
LOCATION:  Milan San Remo
DISTANCE:  295 kms


1st   Giorgio Furlan       Gewiss        Italy        7hr 05'37"

3rd   Adriann Baffi        Mercatone     Italy            s.t.
4th   Stefano Zanini       Navigare      Italy            s.t.
5th   Kai Hundertmarck     Motorola      Germany          s.t.
23rd  Raul Alcala          Motorola      Mexico           s.t.

97th  Jan Schur            Motorola      Germany          s.t.

139th Steve Bauer          Motorola      Canada           s.t.

Individual Standings

1st   Giogio Furlan        Gewiss        Italy            50 pts
2nd   Mario Cipollini      Mercatone     Italy            35 pts
3rd   Adriann Baffi        Mercatone     Italy            25 pts
4th   Stefano Zanini       Navigare      Italy            20 pts
5th   Kai Hundertmarck     Motorola      Germany          18 pts

Team Standings

1st   GB- MG Boys         12 pts
2nd   Mercatone            9 pts
3rd   Mapei- Clas          8 pts
4th   Navigare             7 pts
5th   Motorola             6 pts
6th   Lotto                5 pts
7th   Novemail             4 pts
8th   Gewiss               3 pts
9th   ONCE                 2 pts
10th  ZG Mobili            1 pt

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