MCT Report: San Sebastian

MCT Report: San Sebastian

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RACE: San Sebastian Classic

An excellent second place in the sixth round of the World Cup over the weekend
moved Lance Armstrong up into fourth place in the overall standings. The race
went to Frenchman Armand De Las Cuevas, who moved ahead alone on the final

Armstrong's ride will be good for his morale as he continues his preparation  
for the World title defense at the end of this month. It moves him up as a
challenger for the season long World Cup competition. There are two more
counting events before the World's, the Leeds International classic (this
weekend) followed by the Zurich Championships the following week.

..... Paul Sherwen reporting

MOTOROLA    Raul Alcala, Lance ARMSTRONG, Michel DERNIES,

DATE:      Aug 8th, 1994
EVENT:     Round 6, World Cup
LOCATION:  San Sebastian Classic
DISTANCE:  238 kms


1st   A. De Las Cuevas     Castorama     France        

No other placings at present

Individual Standings

1st   Andrei Tsjmil        Lotto         Moldavia        105 pts
2nd   Johan Museeuw        GB-MG         Belgium          90 pts
3rd   Giogio Furlan        Gewiss        Italy            75 pts
4th   Lance Armstrong      Motorola      USA              70 pts
5th   Fabio Baldato        GB MG         Italy            67 pts
6th   Gianni Bugno         Polti         Italy            60 pts
7th   Eugini Berzin        Gewiss        Russia           50 pts
=     Franco Ballerini     Mapei-Clas    Italy            50 pts
=     Armand De las Cuevas Castorama     France           50 pts
??    Kai Hundertmarck     Motorola      Germany          18 pts
?     Sean Yates           Motorola      GB               18 pts

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