4 Sale: NEW 95' 970 w/ other stuff (fwd)

4 Sale: NEW 95' 970 w/ other stuff (fwd)

Post by Carl B Parke » Mon, 27 Mar 1995 09:17:49

Hyello all,

        Mainly I'm a college student who works at a bike shop, but need
to sell off this bike i got about three monts ago to meet some ends.  
Here's a list essentially of what it is:

        -*-Trek 970 ($800 without tax)
                -Saturn silver
                -21" frame (about a 32' inch inseem)
                -Weighs about 24 lbs.
                -Lx/Xt Groupo
                -24 Speeds
                -Grip-Shift SRT-800's (X-Rays)
                -Hand welded in USA
                -Matrix Voo-Doo rims (man, these things are lite!)
                -Trek Aheadset w/flipflop stem

        -*-What I got for it after:

                -Continental Cross Country Kevlar Fold. (Front) (about $27)
                -Continental Leader Pro I Kevlar (Back) (about $25)
                -ICON Ski-end bar ends (90 gr. a pair) (about $45)

        -*-And I'll throw in a slightly used Nuke Proof Carbon Fiber
           front suspension hub with spare sealed bearing set.
           (New- $110-120; Used- $65-70)

        -*-  This all goes for $825/obo  -*-

        This bike was built by me, so I did a _meticuluous_ job with it,
and has literally been ridden twice around the block.  I know that's
almost sacriligious, but I really don't have time to ride in school.  I
have another beat up bike I use for classes, so the 970 really has 0 wear
on it.  Not a paint scratch or even a speck of mud.  It's been sitting in
my parents house for three months just hybernating...waiting for someone
to ride the ***out of it.  It's a excellantly built bike, and is
definately race ready!!
                                                        Carl Parker

        And if ya want me too, I've got this never been used bristle dart
board, just sittin around.  Actually its really nice, you can't even see
the bristles.  Also it comes with some pretty nice darts in a little
carrying case thing.  I'll throw this in too...just for the heck of it.
Oh and by the way...I've got this kitchen sink..   ;)