Simoni and Armstrong are both winners

Simoni and Armstrong are both winners

Post by Ken Papa » Thu, 21 Jun 2001 11:59:16


>Remember now that I predicted Simoni to win from long before the Giro
>and no one else on this so-called racing group did. Frigo pisses me
>off because I don't know if Dario was really clean or not and whether
>he is close to Simoni in ability.

After Casagrande crashed I predicted Simnoni would win.
I even said whoever does best on the one stage would win.
Simoni did best and he his the Giro 2001 champ!

(Last year, Frigo came in 2nd place at the HC category Your de Suisse)

Look for Lance Armstrong to be #1 Number One Numero Uno Numer Eins
when the UCI rankings come out in 2-3 weeks, just before the Tour starts.

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