Riding in Australia, Exercise on a horse, CTR vs NATRC

Riding in Australia, Exercise on a horse, CTR vs NATRC

Post by m.k.ma » Sun, 20 Feb 1994 17:13:45

I have been reading the news late since i just got back from a weeks
ride in Australia with Bob Sample - the winner of the 93 Quilty.  Its
similiar to our Tevis endurance ride.  He runs horse treks in the off season
to make some money and give his horses some training.  If anyone is interested
in hearing about the trip and some of the differences - as i heard them -
between Australian and  US endurance riding - let me know.  Lari Shea - the
winner of the 89 or so Tevis was also in the group.

On the earlier post - how much exercise is riding - here is my experience.
I do competitive trail riding and some endurance riding in the east.
I have a heart monitor for the horse that also works on people - actually
it was designed for people and modified to work on horses.

When i am conditioning in the spring - we typically do 15 miles at about
a 10 mph rate. During that - my horse will run about 105-135 bpm depending
on whether it is 6 mph trot or a 12 mph trot.

My pulse - using the same heart monitor - runs 105 to 125 bpm - depending
on whether we are doing the slow trot or the extended one.  neither of these
rates is really enough to qualify as significant exercise.  on a treadmill -
i am in the 135-145 bpm range doing 5 mph with 10 degrees elevation.  racketball
for me is usually 140-155 bpm.

last - i have been seeing CTR compared to endurance in a few articles.
my understanding is that the natrc rides in the west are
considerably slower and seem to be judged on horsemanship more than they
are in the east.

the rates the ECTRA rides do average 6 mph - or 4-4.5 hours for a 25
mile ride.  while this certainly is not the rate of endurance rides -
where i usually average about 11 mph(50 miles)- i believe it is faster than the
natrc rides more popular in the west.

on some of the ECTRA rides - we are asked if we want to be judged on
horsemanship.  its sort of a fun thing if you want to do it - and i
have learned some things from the comments..  most of the rides don't have it
in the middle atlantic region that i have ridden in.

Mike Maul