My Bio

My Bio

Post by Dr. Lutz Massonn » Fri, 22 Jan 1993 19:12:05

I think its now my turn to join the Bio crowd ...

I am Lutz Massonne, age 35, male, German.
Currently I work at the European Space Operations Center at Darmstadt
on the ground control of the European Space Agency's Earth observation
I have studied Physics at Bochum and Heidelberg university and did my
doct***thesis on the physics of comet Halley's dust.

I never was horse related in any way until I met my then and present partner
in my 2nd year at university. She was riding already for years, and
I started to watch her riding from the rider's pub :-) .

When we moved to the Darmstadt region, she had stopped riding for some years
due to workload and wanted to start up again.
I for myself wanted to do some sportive activity also and decidied to give it
a try. We looked at several stables in the region and settled for
Pfungstadt as the horses and the instructor there made the best impression.

At her first lesson Heike (my partner) was given the "nightmare horse" of
the riding school, an old guy named Distrikt, who really played with her,
having not been riding for years.
I myself took up lunge lessons on the same old Distrikt, a horse
noone had ever called " smooth to sit" ...

Now, five years later, I am the proud owner of Distrikt (and I call him
smooth to sit, at least after 45 minutes of warm-up).
He is now 18 years old, a brown warm*** gelding, of Brandenburg
or Mecklenburg breed. We are doing mainly dressage and trail riding.

He still teaches me how to give the proper aids and seems to get
younger each year. But this is supposed to be MY bio and not his ...

Regards, Lutz


My Bio

Post by Cathy Cleverl » Fri, 22 Jan 1993 03:18:27

I am really enjoying reading all about everyone on the list!~

I am Cathy Cleverley and live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.~

I grew up in King Township, north of Toronto, which is horse central
for Eastern Canada.  My neighbours are people like Jim Elder
(represented Canada for *years* on the jumper circuit), Joker's Hill
Stables (for a long time a major event centre), Jamie Smart, Hugh
Graham, Lisa Carlsen, Beth Underhill, Mac Cone, etc.etc.etc.  And
that's just the hunter/jumper people.  Also Janet Burns who sponsors
Cindy Ishoy and her family are all directly south of us on the next
concession.  I am now friends with the woman who manages Mrs.  Burns'
TB breeding operation around the corner, and have gotten to know Mrs.
Burns and her (***) children in recent years.~

We also have all the major TB farms in our area, most notably
Kinghaven (With Approval, Izvestia

I grew up as the horse-mad child.  I can remember when the York Hunt
used to hunt on the fields behind our house.  But, I never had a horse
as my parents were under the impression that to own horses you had to
a - keep it at home - necessitating a barn and~
b - have pots of money like the people they knew who had horses.

I'm sorry know that I didn't push my parents a little harder.  I know
I certainly could have hung out with the Addison's (Mrs.  Burns'
daughter - who I now house/dog/barn sit for once in a while) and
ridden etc, but it was not to be.~

When I was 25, my then husband worked for IBM and they had a riding
club.  That was 10 years ago.  From starting out at this sort of
western trail type place, I haven't looked back.~

I quickly moved on from the western place (I always rode English) and
took lessons thru a winter with John Pearce.  He suggested that what
I needed was time in the saddle so I went out and bought Briskada aka
Bailey, a then 11 year old AQHA mare.~

My husband and I split up and Bails and I moved to Ottawa.  I
continued to ride and take lessons there with Sarah Hickman, who has
become a good friend.  Sarah has her Level II coaching.  At 18 she
spent a year at Goodwood House training in dressage with John
Lassiter.  She then showed her TB hunter for a number of years.  She
now does a little bit of everything, including training a
Standardbred filly that they race!  I learned *so much* from her.  In
the winter when it was too cold to ride she did horsemanship classes.
This included saddlery, feeding, bandaging, braiding and general
stable management.~

In 1990 I moved back to King City, to figure out what I wanted to do
with my life.  A trip to Florida and a day at the Tampa Winter
Equestrian Festival had me thinking that I should *work* with horses.
I approached Mac Cone about working for him starting in the fall of
1990 and he was agreeable.  When the fall came around, he had just
hired someone else.  I wanted to work and ended up at Kingsbrook
Farm, a TB racing stable.~

I probably learned more from my 5 months at Kingsbrook than from the
previous 7 years put together.  Being with the horses day in and day
out provides all sorts of learning opportunities.  As well it was
mares and foals, yearlings, stallions and track lay-ups.  I continued
my association with Kingsbrook until a couple of months ago,
including doing foal watch and being part of the foaling team for two

For those of you who don't know this, working with horses is a long
working, LOW paying job.  After 5 months of 6 days a week, 8 hours a
day for minimum wage, I decided to go back to the real world.  I now
work for Sequent in Canada as a Sales Administrator and can thank
Megan Brenninger for directing me to this list.~

I currently have Bailey at a friend of mine's home/barn.  She lives
with a Standardbred/Clydesdale cross named Babar.  I haven't been
riding much, but I do go and do the barn chores 3 - 4 times a week.
My goal this summer is to spend lots of time riding, as that is
definitely my weak area as far as the horses go.~

I am also in the throes of young Thoroughbred lust - ie I *want* one,
preferably one that I've known since it was foaled.  The most likely
candidate is a 2 yr old filly that Sarah bred, who is currently in
Ottawa growing up.  I could be ready to have her in another year or
so, when she is green broke.  I would like to bring along a young
horse and go on to show some - something I've never done.~

I've gone to shows as a helper.  The big thrill was helping out at
the Royal Winter Fair in 1991.  A filly I was grooming ended up 2nd
in the Gov Gen's Cup class - a confirmation class for 3 yr olds.~

Because I came to this late in life, I never take for granted that I
am making my dream come true by being with and learing about horses.

Sequent Computer Systems (Canada) Ltd.          +1 416 629-4000
"An expert is anyone more than 100 miles~
from home with a set of slides"


My Bio

Post by Patty Howe » Sat, 23 Jan 1993 01:41:33

Has anyone else found these great to read, but really embarrassing
to write?

Patty Howell

I'm currently working for a small 'support services' contractor
to NASA, called Analytical Services and Materials, Inc. (I come
to work everyday AT NASA, but I don't work FOR NASA - confused, yet?)
I got my B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Va Tech in 1986
and stayed for a year of graduate school studying Computational Fluid
Dynamics (CFD). The group I work with studies remote detection of
structural flaws (think disbonds, cracks, corrosion, etc) using
an infrared detection techniques, and I do the computational simulations.

I live in Yorktown, Va with my computer weanie son, Thomas (8),
his cat, Timothy (named after MIT spelled backwards), and my dog, Tripp
(do you think I'm outnumbered by the "T's" in this family?)a 1/2 chow
1/2 Samoyed who knows how to dance and how to sing, now if I can
just get him to do them both at the same time!

I was critically infected with 'Equus Ridiculous' at a very young age
and never recovered. Spontaneous metabolic reactions to driving
by a horse munching in the field included but were not limited to
frantic yelps (from me) and jumping up and down in the back seat
while my parents exchanged that 'what planet is this child from?' look.
I think I was about 8 when they finally relented to lessons on a
school horse (thinking I would get tired of it and get off their backs! HA!)
A year or so later, I graduated to MY VERY OWN PONY (actually, it was
a halter w/o horse under the Christmas tree - we had to find the pony to
fit it) He was a 12.3 3/4" 1/2 Arab, 1/2 Welsh chestnut named Cassell's Abantis
(Banti) And boy did he teach me alot! I matured to a whoppin' 4'9" tall,
so I was able to ride him for YEARS. I started like all other kids
around here, doing the local hunter/jumper type stuff.

Of course the biggest influence on my horsemanship skills is my
friend and trainer, Jan***erson. I started taking lessons from
her about 6 months after I bought Banti. She started teaching me
how to really train my horse. A year or so into lessons with Jan,
she got my father to bring me (without horse) to a dressage show
in northern VA. (At the time, I sure couldn't see the point in
going all that way to a show w/o the horse! ) Of course I was never
the same. Dressage was my niche and has been ever since. For
years I was the only kid on a pony at recognized dressage shows.
Sometimes that presented interesting problems. Like the fact that
dressage tests are TIMED and based on the average time a HORSE should
need to complete the test. His little stride was so much smaller
than a horse's that I always had to really move it around that arena
to come in under the limit! So anyway, Banti was my 3rd level
dressage pony extraordinaire.

The time finally came when even I outgrew Banti, and then I got
my 'project horse.' (I guess I was about 14) I wanted something
'green broke' but untrained. We found a nice young TB mare (4yr old),
Gemstone, a very 'feminine' looking bay with a white star and strip.
I took her about to the same point Banti was in his training before I
left for college. The woman that has her now took a few lessons from
Jan to learn Gem's training background (I was in college - she never
met me) and remarked what a polite mare she was,'she even lowers
her head for you to put her bridle on or clip her ears or bridlepath.'
Jan never disillusioned her - how else was a 4'9" rider going to
bridle a 15.3 hand TB?!? (My dad was once t*** her ears for me
and actually got irritated that her head was sooooo low. I think she
was taking a nap at the time, too.) So much for the 'hot' TB.

I went to college w/o the horse (I figured I'd better concentrate
on my studies) and now, after TOO long a time away from them,
I'M BACK!!! :)  :)  :)

Without the finances for my own horse, Jan is letting me ride one
of her horses, Presto. She has her barn at her own place (no board),
she pays for feed, ferrier, vet, etc, etc, gives me free lessons
(ie won't let me out of her control yet - this is her 4th level
dressage horse I'm hoping I won't***up) and I ride. Great deal, huh?!!
She gets a devoted guinea pig on which to test her teaching methods.

BTW, I just had to finally retire my IBM PC and get another home
computer. (ever have an 8 yr old complain on a daily basis that
you don't have nearly enough memory for him? And just WHY don't we
have a hard drive? Geesh, kids! He also thinks horses 'smell', so
what does he know, right? ) So anyway, I would like
to access rec.equestrian from home now. Anyone know how to do that?
(I mean, do you have to go through Prodigy or Compuserve or something?
or can you get in directly - meaning for free?)

Patty (who needs a good sig file to prevent confusion with the other Patty)