Bio Scan

Bio Scan

Post by MELISSA REDFEA » Tue, 10 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Has anyone out there had any experience with Bio Scan?  My daughter and I
attended a Sharon Camarillo Horsemanship & Barrel Racing Clinic this past
weekend, and they gave everyone the opportunity to use the setup on their
horses.   I know the system is expensive , but does anyone how much benefit
there is to it?  I would appreciate any information/imput .  Thanks!



Bio Scan

Post by Tive » Wed, 11 Oct 1995 04:00:00

The scanner part of the BioScan works as advertised. However, there is a
less expensive(~$200) device called the Veritens that works just as well.
It doubles as a low-current acupuncture stimulator--whatever that means.

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Bio Scan

Post by MFlem225 » Wed, 11 Oct 1995 04:00:00

The item should be renamed "Bio SCAM".  You would get as much effect
running a flash light over the horse.  The energy put out by LED's in the
device are not enough to even penetrate the skin, much less make a
therapeutic difference.  They are unable to quote ONE reliable clinical
study with any scientific validity.

Many times, the horse feels "better" because the owner does.  Remember,
horse people spend more on their sport than almost any other.  These folks
would like a cut of it!!!