need a horse lease contract

need a horse lease contract

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New People...

Usenet groups that have been around awhile find that certain
topics recur and recur and recur.  So, they create something
called an "FAQ" which is short for "Frequently Asked Questions."

The FAQ is a repository for the-most-authoritative-answer-we-can-find
articles that answer Frequently Asked Questions.  The idea is that
people who are new to a group should FIRST check out the FAQ
to see whether their question is answered rather than posting
the question to the newsgroup for what turns out to be about the
two thousand and fifty first time.

rec.equestrian has an FAQ.  It's pretty good.  It contains a darned
good sample horse lease.  Now, to be fair, the protocol is that
somebody should periodically post the announcement of the FAQ and
where it is and how you can get at it.  (If we never tell you about
it, how are you supposed to know?)  One of our members used to do
this very regularly, but hasn't lately for unknown reasons.

The only "trick" is finding out from your local support
people how it is you access an FAQ over the network from
your site.  Unix people, for example, can do so very easily
using a program called "FTP," as described below.

Anyway, here is an augmented version of Wendy Milner's periodic FAQ post.

Linda B. Merims
Waltham, MA


                      FAQ on the FAQ    

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

You can ftp the FAQ's from (or the alias
the FAQ's are under /pub/equestrian.


FTP is a file transfer protocol.  It allows you to log into a system
where you do not have a login name, look at a list of files, get files
to your system, or put files.  There are many restrictions to what
you can do.  You will not be able to browse through the remote system,
except under the ftp directory.  To use ftp do the following:


<system will ask for login>

<system will ask for password, your mail id>

<you are now logged into the machine.  Your current directory is /users/ftp>
cd /pub/equestrian

ls <to list the files>

get README    <to get the README file, this is listed below, but you
               should get this file and read it for updated listing>

<the README file is copied to your system.  It will appear in your
 current directory.>

get addresses  <to get the addresses file>

quit           <to leave ftp>

                  Here is the "README" for the faq:

addresses        Addresses of associations, magazines and trailer manufactures
barns            Comments on various public and private stables
book_dealers     list of equestrian book dealers
books            lists of fiction and non-fiction books about horses
buying           FAQ on buying a horse
catalogs         veterinary and tack catalog phone numbers and addresses
color_examples   collection of examples of equine coat coloration
color_genetics   article on equine coat color genetics
colors           descriptions of horse coat colors
costs            cost of owning a horse
dressage_letters dressage ring letters
driving          info on driving
endurance        endurance riding
equine_senior    Comments about Purina's Equine Senior horse feed
exercise         exercises for the rider
hantavirus       info on mouse borne disease
hay              opinions about various types of hay
horse_person     You know you're a horse person when...
horse_transport  Comments about Horse Transportation companies
horse_treats     horse treats recipes
horseshoeing     Reasons for shoeing and materials used in modern farriery
lateral_gaits    lateral gaits FAQ
lease_agreement  sample horse lease
navicular        Navicular Syndrome: Shoeing Methods
new_horse_owners FAQ for people thinking about owning a horse
pics             gif and jpg horse pictures
sales_contract   sample sales contract
sheath_cleaning  how to clean a male horses sheath
snaffle_bits     How do you know if your snaffle fits
team             FAQ on TEAM (Tellington-Jones Equine Awareness Method)
truck-faq        What to look for in a truck for towing horses
warm***_intro  Introduction to German Warm*** horses
warm***        Descriptions of different German Warm*** breeds
weight           how to estimate a horses weight
zebras           info about zebras
1996_Olympics    Sources of info for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta

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  Wendy Milner