Wanted: Lease Horse in Minnesota

Wanted: Lease Horse in Minnesota

Post by Geri Thomps » Sat, 11 Feb 1995 01:49:45

Now that I have four riders in my family instead of two, one horse just
isn't enough.  And, since my daughter is leaving for college in the fall
(leaving us with even more bills than the horse generates), I don't want to
buy another right now (Well, I really do WANT to. I just shouldn't/can't.)

I would like to lease a horse from now until (at least) October.  I prefer
one trained western, on the small side, and quiet enough for a novice

The horse would be boarded at Woodloch Stables in Hugo, Mn.  All riders are
in lesson programs at the stable.

Please reply via e-mail if you know of any prospects.  Thanks!

- Geri   (Minnesota)