farm safety...Jim

farm safety...Jim

Post by Tamara Howa » Tue, 12 Oct 2004 02:34:41

Jim Replied...

>>>>I'm just pointing this out for the sake of conversation:

        and a lovely conversation it is!

  What you say is
true, but it's an attitude that can lead to accidents.  In horse
it's like saying that you're not going to get hurt because only
or reckless riders get into trouble.

        hummm...not exactly what I was thinking when I wrote it...but
it may have sounded that way...

>>>>>>>>Things like PTO shafts, combines, cotton pickers, and mowers

fundamentally dangerous.  They have exposed moving parts and sharp
and when you get in trouble with one you're usually not in a position
help yourself -- that is, you can't get to the controls to stop the
thing before it chews your arm off.

       very much so...however standing rule number equipment
is on to be worked on...

>>>>>>>>>I used to work for International Harvester and went through

farm-safety  boot camp.  I spent a lot of time on farms and saw
habitual bad practices like sticking hands in moving machinery, people
standing in raised loader buckets, and letting children ride on moving
equipment.  I'm sure you don't  do any of those things, but they are
the real dangers.

         I'll admit to standing in buckets to reach rooftops as they
are safer than ladders and we have used then to gain access to limbs
insted of ladders as well...or hooking chains waayyyyy up a trunk to
insure the tree falls at <x>

         and I have kept kids inside the closed cab units...on flat
sensible ground...something simple like feeding hay or moving non
"hot" units from one barn to another...we'd never consider (say)
baling hay or cutting hay or bushhogging or plowing with them or
anything technical that involved having to keep an eye on both of them
at once....those tractors can have four different monitors  running at
once as well as following the windrow...the monitors are too
distacting for a kid to be along...and a kid is too distracting to
have the monitors runnning...

      and I'll add finally that I HATE machines...of all sorts and all
kinds...but I've made my peace with the five small tractors
(2030,2755,6400 and the two 6410's)..I have no need to "prove"
anything to myself when I run them...if I get into mechanical trouble
with one (and it is possible) I get out turn and face the on coming
tractors and get off...the men will radio a call and someone shows up
in a few minutes...

                    I have never ever run the big cutter because it
scares me and fear will lock your brain up and you'll forget how to
help yourself...I'm cool with the others but not that I could
very easily do something stupid with it...

    maybe it's not so differnt than horses after all huh??

                      Tamara in TN