Free Board/California, Santa Cruz area

Free Board/California, Santa Cruz area

Post by Allie Davids » Wed, 08 Jun 1994 03:28:11

Looking for a companion for my horse (he *hates* to be alone).

This will not be commercially advertised.

Free board.  You must provide your own feed and clean your own
stall.  There is plenty of room in our old barn for all of your
tack/brushes/saddles/feed and feed barrels.

Facilities:  12x12 stall with 12x24 ft. attached paddock.  Horse barn
is only 2 years old.  132'x 66' foot small court dressage arena with washed
sand footing.  We're in the process of making some nice standards for 4
jumps. Small 50x50 turnout.  Small novice x-country course with 8 various,
very solid timber log jumps.  3 acre meadow with wild oats and rye unfenced.
Our place is in the middle of nowhere and I let my horse out to graze all
the time.  There is no place for them to run to and they're usually too
busy stuffing their horsey faces with yummy grass anyway.

I will be happy to feed your horse when I feed mine, which is approx
7:30am and 7:30pm.  I do not mind blanketing AS LONG as your horse is
not a twit.  Life is too short for me to deal with bad mannered horses.  
Also, there is no problem with me turning out your horse in the arena or
turnout.  There is room for a horse trailer, which is a plus since I
don't have one and if you go to local shows I will be happy to pay your
gas if I could tag along.

Our place is very quiet and 2 miles up a private road and all property
is zoned 10+ acres (so there's neither much traffic nor people).  

Why is all this free?--you ask.  It's a long ugly story and has to
do with being burned by previous boarders who have unfortunately have
a long line of burning stable owners before we came along.  :^(

I would just like my horse to have a companion and in the process
someone I could possibly to do shows with.

Please no cribbers/windsuckers/stall weavers.




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