We have a new home! and Voice commands

We have a new home! and Voice commands

Post by Bernadette Feyerha » Fri, 04 Jan 1991 02:13:00

Hello all and Happy New Year!

  Well my horse is now really my horse (as she is now completely
paid for) and I have recently moved her to a barn considerably
closer to me than the one she was at.  This has turned out to be
very interesting.  First, she has lived all of her life at the
first barn and second she has never been in an indoor arena before.

Things are going very well with us at the new place and she seems to
be getting the hang of things. (although arena doors being opened
suddenly make  her jump and thats even getting better.)

On the subject of talking to your horse.  I rely on voice aids and
body language when I lunge her.  And when I ride I talk to her
constantly.  Since I ride dressage I don't use the words walk, trot,
canter or whoa when I ride but instead I talk outloud to myself in
low enough tones so that she and I are the only ones who can hear
me.  This helps me think about what is happening and is a relaxer
to her.  She is still in the beginning stages of training and it
gives her something to think about other than all the weird things
going on around her. (why are those horses jumping those funny
fences??).  I think that this will be a help when I start to show
dressage.  I won't have the crutch of voice commands and by that
time Baby will know my hands, seat and legs enough to not need my
constant chatter (and I am being sure to have quiet times so that
she doesn't rely on my chatter).

She is a funny color for a dressage horse (as most I have seen are
solid color) but she does have the movement and ability for it so
I am hoping we do well when I start showing.

Just thought I would put my 2 cents worth.

Bernadette Feyerharm
Baby 4 year old paint.