Wrong Canter Lead - Result

Wrong Canter Lead - Result

Post by Kerry Wilson - Sun UK - Watchmo » Tue, 22 Jun 1993 18:04:23


A little while ago I posted a problem I was experiencing with a pony that very 'stiff' on one side.

Well, here I am now with a pony that is 200% better than she was on this side - thanks to PATIENCE!

Basically, we persevered.  We had lots of lessons together, with me as the 'subject' during some of them (i.e. sitting quieter than I had been, making my aids more accurate etc.) and with the pony as the subject during others.

For quite a few lessons I felt as though we (or should that be 'I' ?), were making zero progress.  Then things seemed to slowly hang together just a little bit better than last time.

We began to acheive 'that' bend that we were striving for; no longer did she toss her head in away from the circles etc. etc.

What used to be a 2 out of 12 success rate of getting the required canter lead has now improved to 7 out of 10.  

Occasionally, we lapse and we pick up the wrong lead or we're riding a 20 metre square as opposed to a circle.  But generally, things have improved enormously!

Sorry to bore you all with this very 'minor' achievement BUT I feel as though we have REALLY achieved something here, and I am so pleased.