Lurker's Humorous Story

Lurker's Humorous Story

Post by Courtney Wil » Thu, 30 Sep 1993 04:52:19

O.k. so my horse was just a little spoiled, but we were a bunch of 10-13
girls left alone at the barn *too* long.  Note: My horse *loved* soft
drinks.  He would run to the fence if you had a can of soda, and chase an
empty can all over the pasture.

During the summer, our parents would drop us off at the barn in the morning
and pick us up on their way home from work.  The barn manager was there
most of the time, but sometimes she left us alone to go out for lunch.  We
were all responsible kids, knew all the saftey rules and generally stayed
out of trouble.

One afternoon we girls decided that we didn't want to walk to the fast food
joints for lunch, so we took our horses.  The back trail led to a road and
across the street was a Burger King.
No one wanted to stay outside with the horses, so we took them through the
drive-thru.  All went well until we got to the window.  My horse (Amber)
saw the soft drink cup and knew *exactly* what that was! :-)  He thought
the girl was handing it to him so he tried to take the cup from her.  She
pulled her hand back in the window and he followed.  His entire neck was in
the drive-thru window.  He thought that Burger King looked really cool, but
couldn't figure out how to work the soda fountain. :-(   Before I could
dismount and ease his head back through the window, he had visited with all
the employees (the ones not terrified of a really large animal) and
delighted all the customers.  They promised to have horsey candy when we
came back.  
Amber really enjoyed himself, but the experience wasterrifing for me.  I
always volunteered to hold the horse outside after that incident.

This was 15 years ago, I am much older and wiser now.  Well, older...


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but its manner of usage may make it so.        -Saint Thomas Aquinas


Lurker's Humorous Story

Post by Cathy Cleverl » Sat, 02 Oct 1993 02:24:13

story of the Burger King horse deleted.~


(rolling on the floor laughing, for all you newbies :-)

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