Advice on contracted heel

Advice on contracted heel

Post by John P. Spence » Sat, 28 Jan 1995 02:47:56

Hello all:  
I have a question that I would like some advice with.  I have an 19 month old QH
colt that has suddenly started to show signs of having a slightly contracted
heel.  When I say contracted, I mean contracted as in his heel does not spread
out (side to side) as his other heels do.  In other words, it is contracted
inward side-to-side and consequently his foot does not appear to be as large as
his other feet.

I called my Vet, and he examined him about a month ago.  He maintains that there
is no sign of a deep flexor tendon problem, which he said can cause this type of
condition.  He suggested that I have my Farrier check him out.  (By the way, I
have been t*** him myself, so the Farrier has never actually worked on this

The Farrier says that he has a slight club foot and will always be that way!  He
says that we should wait until he is two, and put bevelled shoes on him to force
the heel out.  

My question is will waiting this long be the right thing to do.  Has anyone ever
seen this before, and if so, is there anything I can do about it before he is
fully developed? My gut feeling tells me that I should address this problem as
soon as possible.   Any advice you may have would surely be appreciated.  If you
still have questions after reading this post, please email me at

Thanks, in advance, John.......


Advice on contracted heel

Post by JRDVMDIV » Thu, 02 Feb 1995 01:14:48

I agree that you should address this problem now, before the horse is
fully grown.  Can you have the horse examined by an equine surgeon?  There
may be something that needs to be done surgically and getting a DVM to
work with a farrier on t***, etc, or yourself would be a good idea

Good Luck  IMHO  O-)  Dr JR
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