Horse Show Software

Horse Show Software

Post by SarSh » Thu, 20 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Hi -

After being a "lurker" for 2 years now, I have decided to post to ask for
help from fellow rec.equestrians.  My question is this :
My husband and I are designing a horse show management program
to run under windows, and eventually for Macs. Our goal is to create an
comprhensive, easy to use, and affordable program. We have most of the
basics covered, but I would be interested to hear from show managers and
secretaries (as well as anyone else), what type of "bells and whistles"
you might like to see included in such a program, and what features would
make it attractive
and user-friendly.  Projected release date is early 1996, and I would also
to hear from anyone who might be interested in a beta (pre-release test
copy of this program.  Thanks in advance for your help :)  Please email

this newsgroup.  (Trying to balance full time job, development of this
and still spending time with my horse...)  I know I should post a bio, and
will try
to do so next time...Again thanks - y'all are a great group of people :)