Fairness in horse shows...Jim

Fairness in horse shows...Jim

Post by Tamara Howa » Thu, 14 Oct 2004 03:45:45

Jim wrote in answer to

 In general, the people who have ridden

> longer or have better horses do better at the shows.  
>>>>Um, isn't that the way it should be?  The riders who have

longer should be better riders, unless they're wasting money on the
wrong trainer.

>>>>>The better horses are supposed to win.  It's a *horse* show, not

riding show (that's a rodeo).

       that is EXACTLY how it should be...also classes in breed type
shows can be divided into differnet ratios of value placed on
rider,horse,performace,conformation,type or any combination of the

      so placing "mr. child safe  but not exactly breed typy" horse in
an in hand class based soley on breed type is a good way to get your
feelings hurt...

      however same horse in a showmanship class where only the child's
skill in presenting the animal is judged would get a better
result...and there are generally scads of novice classes at most

        finally, horse shows are for lots of people an eye opener that
maybe (just maybe) what wins at a 4H in Tippiecanoe Indiana will not
place at the QH congress over the border in Ohio

        Tamara in TN