Beloved Horse Needs Medical Advice

Beloved Horse Needs Medical Advice

Post by Roger R » Sat, 04 Mar 1995 00:59:45

A friend's beloved horse was diagnosed 6 months ago with "Summer
Stringhalt" (aka "Bilateral Stringhalt"), a poisoning of the nervous
system. Two vets disagree on what plant he ate and what will happen.
He's really sick, and they say recovery might take 12 months. Can you
give us some advice to help get him back to galloping through the lovely
green fields here in Oregon?

My questions:

1. What plant or weed may have caused it?
2. What is the usual time for recovery?
3. Will he recover overnight at some point, or should we look for
   gradual signs?
4. Is there any known remedy or herb that may speed recovery?

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.