:) :) :) Just a cute little quote!! :) :) :)

:) :) :) Just a cute little quote!! :) :) :)

Post by jaiba.. » Sat, 23 Jul 1994 03:11:23

hmmm.. (getting lots of line noise)
not only that, he cannot be in contact with any of my horse equipment or
clothes.  I must literally completely sanitize myself upon returning
from the stable, or he will be miserable for hours.   Johnson School)) writes:

This line noise is terrible.  i will have to respond w  later with a
cleareer line..I miss him sometime

  >> But seriously folks... This is a big issue, right?  I've certainly seen it
IW>> enough in my barn and am dealing with it myself.  How are people dealing
IW>> with the issue of non-riding so's who have a hard time with the time
IW>> committment of riding?
IW>> Any ideas, stories, suggestions?

IW>You could get them involved with their own time consuming hobby like golf.
My sad story has a twist.  My Significant Other loves my horses.  He
rides like a natural, and is very sensitive around them.  He's only
ridden three times, and each time had full contro  (which is always a
bonus. :)  One of my horses wasa abused as a youngster, and is fearful
of men, but my Sensitive New Age Boyfriend is his best friend.

What's the problem, then?  Well, it turns out he is incredibly allergic
to their dander (dead skin cells).  He starts coughing and sneezing
terrib y, and becomes incredibly itch