Tragic News Update - not getting much better!

Tragic News Update - not getting much better!

Post by John Fish » Fri, 26 May 1995 04:00:00

I'm sure I didn't say "It couldn't be worse!" .... cause it is!

Okay, the mare was put down because of seizures.  Necropsy reports
reveal a positive test to Equine Protozoal Myelitis, and an area of
edema was found in the hippocampus.  Also, there were several melanomas
present in the neck region.

Foal was successfully put on nurse mare (for those keeping track,
$800 and must be bred back and in foal when I return her 6 months
later).  However, got the call this morning at 5:30 a.m. that he
was down and unable to get up.  Carried onto van and shippled
straight to vet clinic.  Diagnosis....Shaker foal...botchulism
(not spelled right).  Vet calls to tell me and ask if I want
the anti-toxin administered.  Chances without the shot are about
50-50.  Chances with shot are 90+.  Oh, the shot costs $2,000.
What choice did I have?  He had the shot and now we're holding
breathes around here.

On the brighter side, my leased mare is in heat and about to
be bred to Local Talent (sire of Larry the Legend).  

I am indeed on a streak of bad luck.  However, I know that I
will rebound and better times are ahead.  It is so difficult
thinking about my beautiful mare gone and her foal in such
bad shape.  

One thing that I will do from now on in give shots for rabies
and botchulism - these are not routinely given here in Indiana.
The shots are so cheap compared to the problems that can
be encountered down the road.

John "keeping chin up" Fisher
Springboro Farm


Tragic News Update - not getting much better!

Post by Denise K » Sun, 28 May 1995 04:00:00

Good Luck with your foal John...I always feel alot of bad luck
means alot of good luck in the future.

I'm curious as to how the foal got botulism?Especially if it
was just nursing?When I was in N.J.,Marathon got his b-vaccine;
never had it in Maryland,and they don't give it here in MA
($100/shot since nobody gets it.)They said a horse could get
it from eating dead animals in the hay.I never knew if this
was true or not....Denise in MA