Olympic coverage (was: The future of dressage)

Olympic coverage (was: The future of dressage)

Post by Ruthann Schmi » Wed, 29 Jan 1992 23:43:47

>With all of this about TV coverage, did anyone else get cards from the
>USET asking them to sign them and send them to CBS Sports.  Kind of
>petitioning them to cover the equestrian events on CBS not just on
>Cable?  I recieved them on the 25.  I am going to send mine in and
>hopefully if not this time (if the schedule is already fixed) it will
>help in the future.


I also received the USET packet on the 25th (Friday). I'm not sure if
I'll send in the signed cards or write my own letter. (Maybe both?) I
remember hearing once that politicians tend to ignore mass mailings, but
pay more attention to an original letter. I have no idea whether the
President of NBC sports (Dick Ebersol) thinks that way, too. Comments?
Of course, the cards (beautiful full color photos of the different
olympic equestrain sports) are so unique that ole*** may be reminded
time & again upon receiving one after another that "we are here! We are

Ruth Ann