Event/Show Info Wanted

Event/Show Info Wanted

Post by Geoff Ki » Sat, 26 Oct 1996 04:00:00

        Want your local show or events on the web?  Send the info to me
and I'll put them on my Horse Watch page.  Got lots of room and it isn't
any major hassble for me. :)

        Also looking for sponsors for my web site.  If you are interested
in promoting your stable, barn, arena or horse/equestrian related business
on the Internet send me some e-mail.

        Check out the Equestrian & Show Jumping Pages at

        I also have a chat server online for all!  You can connect two
ways.  Through the web at http://www.quintex.com:8080 or via an IRC
client at irc.quintex.com Port:6667

        Hope to hear from you!