uset petition for olympic coverage on nbc

uset petition for olympic coverage on nbc

Post by Kris Dav » Sun, 05 Apr 1992 06:12:35

In regards to the recent thread on the lack of Olympic coverage of
equestrian sports on local television and everyone's desire to see
it there, I thought it would be beneficial to inform you of a recent
newletter I received from the United States Equestrian Team (USET).

USET is currently working on a petition to send to NBC president
*** Ebersol to request (demand??:) coverage of Equestrian envents.

USET's goal is 100,000 signatures.

They have asked on their response card to indicate your prefered
equestrian event (Show Jumping, Dressage, Driving, Three Day Eventing)
Name and address.

Those who would like to respond I'm sure would be greatly appreciated
by USET.

The address to respond is as follows:

United States Equestrian Team
PO BOX 355
Gladstone NJ 07934-9957

Maybe if enough of us netters respond they will have more than enough

Happy riding!!

Kris Davis