FS: Thoroughbreds near Dallas, TX

FS: Thoroughbreds near Dallas, TX

Post by BluFeaFa » Thu, 15 Jul 1999 04:00:00

My changed and greatly increased work schedule has made it difficult to keep up
with both it (work) and the farm so I have to cut back quickly.  Many are for
sale right now, I will start with these:

3 yr old filly.  Very nice horses in her pedigree, stout for a TB, very agile,
plain looks but extremely athletic and would make an excellent polo, barrel
prospect because she is so athletic and her size.  I've had a trainer working
with all these last few weeks  and she really likes this filly's ability.
Leads, ties,
trailer loads - but not started under saddle.  

10 yr mare.  Very good looking horse, gorgeous head,  with nice ***lines.
Speed/sprint lines and build for racing (Toomucholmes on top, Raise A Native
line on bottom)  Her yearling colt is my favorite horse ever to due exceptional
smarts and disposition (he's pretty cute as well).  She is bred to son of
Eclipse award winning champion Blushing John.  

I would rather place these horses in suitable homes myself than take to sales
where I don't know where they are going, so the prices will be very reasonable
to approved buyers.  However, please keep in mind that I am selling due to time
constraints.  I am more than happy to answer any questions to someone seriously

Both are Jockey Club registered and in the Accred. Tx. bred program, heathly
and sound.
Blue Feather Farm