My Bio.

My Bio.

Post by Anne Loc » Thu, 21 Jan 1993 01:54:59

Hi my name is Anne Locke.

I too have had this obsession with horses my entire life.  I'll be 32
this Saturday and every birthday (and Christmas) for as long as I've
been able to talk I've asked for a horse (or pony).  Unfortunately,
I live in southern California (Hermosa Beach) where the stables are
few & far between and the cost of boarding is also high (near $300/month).
Growing up in a family of 5 kids and having an expensive hobby... well,
just doesn't cut it.

Last January my sister who lives in Rancho Palos Verdes showed me a
class that the city of Rolling Hills Estates offers - a 4 week class
beginning Western riding & basic riding safety & horse care.  Well, I
took it and of course have been hooked ever since.  Now more than ever
I *really* want to own my own horse.

I take one Western riding lesson per week.  When I finish car payments
this June, I will start leasing a horse from my trainer - I can't wait!

I've been working at Hughes Aircraft for eleven years.  I went back to
school and got my BS in Computer Science and am currently doing Unix
System Administration on Sun Workstations.  I'm casually looking around
for employment in other areas of the country where owning a horse would
be more feasible (especially Albuquerque or northern New Mexico).

I have a husband Dave and 2 dogs: Rio the Rhodesian Ridgeback and
Whiskey the good old Golden Retriever.

I really enjoy this group since everyone seems to be equally obsessed
and I don't feel wierd saying things like "I don't think horses smell
bad at all!".



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