Horse of the Year (was Older horses, newer riders).

Horse of the Year (was Older horses, newer riders).

Post by John Hor » Wed, 22 Apr 1992 18:21:35

    Hi all,

    First of all, apologies for replying a bit late to some things - I'm
    currently about a week behind in reading my mail.

       > Subject: Older horses, newer riders

       > Anyway, her trainer is trying to talk her into buying a fif*** year
       > old horse.  From the discription he sounds ideal, has won extensively
       > in jumping, is still quite sound, was even HOrse of the Year (what
       > ever that means) a few years back.

    There is over here in the UK an annual show called The Horse of the Year
    Show (HOYS). It is organised by the British Show Jumping Association, and
    is held at Wembley, London during October. Horses qualify for HOYS at
    shows around the UK. It is basically the best horses of various classes
    usually seen at horse shows. It includes the best Leading Jumper of the

    I don't know if this horse was at Wembley, but I suppose it is POSSIBLE.
    I'd be interested in knowing the horses name and year it won the Horse of
    the Year, I may then be able to find out if she was referring to the show

    John Horne,
    Polytechnic South West, Plymouth, UK.