Joys of having horses at your house (long)

Joys of having horses at your house (long)

Post by pa » Sat, 23 Apr 1994 07:01:31

I had a very amusing night last night.  I came home about a half hour later
than usual from work (I was buying a book on driving).  Usually my horses
come running when they hear me drive up.  They didn't, hmmm I think well I
guess they have given up on me.  I take my stuff into the house and get the
two dogs from the house.  As I am walking to the barn I notice that I can't
see the electric tape, I think gee twilight is funny light.  I quickly realize
that the reason I can't see the tape is because the tape is not on the posts
anymore.  Zerrin (who guards the horses while I am at work) is so happy  to
see me.

I have made it into the barn, noticing that a good 100 feet of tape is not
visable.  I turn the charger off and go in to check the barn.  The empty
feed buckets (they were empty when I went to work) are on the floor but
none of the feed barrels have been opened (they have "locking" rings).  About
this time my 3 year old horse comes cantering up with an expression "Gee Mom
its good to see you, did you have a good day at work?".  You would have
thought nothing had happened.  I told him to go to his stall, which he did.
I looked for his brother (they are usually in close proximity) and caught a
glimpse of him hiding behind a cedar tree at the back of the pasture looking
at me.  I am certain he was trying to figure out how angry I was.  I asked
him "Well are you coming?" and he slowly walked up and came over and told
me how much he liked me.  He put on a *** show and I told him to get
into his stall, which he did. (It is amazing how well behaved they can be
when they spent all day doing bad things).  I then went in search of the
fence.  I found it dragged all over the field.  I hooked it back up and
found the handle for the gate they usually use missing.  Okay I figured that
one of them pushed the other one through it and the handle went flying.  I
then took a walk to check the other gate (past were the damage was done) and
found that the clever beasties had taken that gate down also and removed its
handle.  I am afraid they have figured out that the handles don't shock and
once you unhook them and drop them the fence doesn't shock either.  ARGHHHH.

I do consider myself very lucky that they didn't get hurt as I am sure they
got tangled in the tape.  The makers of the tape do claim that horses can't
get hurt by it.  I didn't ever really want to test that theory.  Now not
only did they take the tape and the insulators down (they are the "western"
type***on ones over round posts), but there were three posts which had
insulators on, but were not connected via tape, they removed those insulators

I would have suspected they had human help, but the dog won't let anything
in that field.  I would have loved to see her response to all this mayhem.
I am sure she was played with by the horses.

I should also state that the electric tape is inside of a boxwire fence,
so they weren't free to go play in traffic.

This morning I finished fixing the fence and touched it in a couple of
places to make sure it was working properly.  It was.  I can't wait to see
what surprises I have at home for me tonight.  If any more handles are
removed, I am going to assume they have figured out how to make the fence
not shock and remove the handles and just turn the fence off when I want
to unhook it!

Smart horses can really be a pain.

BTW other exploits of these horses have included taking down a PVC pipe fence
and scattering its parts throughout the field, digging up the water cut off
valve to make a fountain, opening stall doors and jumping 5 foot fences when
they could have just gone through the open gate.

- Pam
These are only my opinions, feel free to disagree with them.

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Joys of having horses at your house (long)

Post by Lori Kow » Thu, 05 May 1994 04:50:48


What a bunch of characters you have! Let me tell one of my stories.

I recieved a frantic call at work one day from my exroommate.

"The horses are out, the horses are out and the neighbor says they are
chasing cars on the highway", she screamed hysterically. I calmed her
down and told her I'd take of it.

I threw myself out the door, into the car and drove 70mph, (this is not exaggerating!), all the way home.

When I screeched into the driveway, what do you suppose I saw? Three
horses with foam and sweat dripping off them standing in the exact center
of their runs looking at me like "Hi! Aren't you home early?"

All the electric wire around the pen had been pulled down and was lying
inside the fence line. The gate handle disappeared and never did show up!

Now we run braided baling twine across the entrances with the wire above it!

Talk about having a heart attack!