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Hi, I'm Teresa Bippert-Plymate....

This one's long, I'm afraid....

And I think this is a GREAT idea also!  I have been horse-crazy since birth,
and my folks still wonder when I first picked it up as I was a suburban kid
in SOuthern Ca.  They took me to rental stables now and again, and when I was
12 we moved to the Santa Barbara area, where I began going out to the Polo
Fields near Carpinteria and hot-walking.  I met a lot of horse people and
they occaisionally let me ride their horses.  After a while, one of the busy
polo stables let me take care of a neglected QH that was bought for the
owner's daughter (she wasn't into horses).  He was mangy and thrushy, and I
worked with Poco for several months, and rode him bareback all over.  He was
looking really great again when they sold him.  I was heartbroken.  I had
been saving up to buy him but had only $150.  My folks ALMOST bought me a
Morgan mare with ringbone after that, but decided that they just couldn't
afford board.  Like most kids, I had LOTS of Breyer horses, over 100.  Then
we moved to the Bay Area, and for many years I only rode rental horses.

In 1980 I married a wonderful guy.  Claude doesn't entirely understand the
horse thing, but he supports me in it.  That fall I got my first horse, a 17
year old Morgan who taught me a lot.  Then I also started taking jumping
lessons, and started showing the stable's horses (Francois couldn't jump
due to a bad knee).  I then sold Francois and bought a QH mare, Silvarin,
who I did show.  Due to various things, mostly financial, I had several
horses.  In 1986 we moved to the Tucson, AZ area.  I rode at a hunter stable
here for several years, then bought a horse again.  Unfortunately, she and
I didn't get along!  She loved men and didn't like women.  So I sold her and
bought Leo Ninety-Five, who I still have.  He is a chestnut gelding, 16.1hh,
and a real sweetie.  He had been used for reining and barrel racing, and had
an undiagnosed foot problem.  I got him cheap and had the vet xray him.  He
has mild navicular in one foot, and a little more in the other, but the worse
foot has a sidebone.  He is mostly sound with good management.  I have an
Arabian mare who is for sale, she is at Grandon's Arabians in Scottsdale
getting Western training, clipping, bleaching and hot-oil treatments in prep
for the big auction during the National Show in Scottsdale.  She is a very
lovely and sweet Crabbet mare, but just not my cup of tea.  She is quite
short and I prefer tall horses, and I like steady eddies on the trail and
she can be spooky.  SO...I found an Andalusian gelding in my price range,
and I LOVE this horse!  He is 8, and as steady as they come.  Smart, too.
I am going to be showing him in dressage.  I am having a ball researching
the history of the breed, and finding that a lot of books are WRONG on
their statements about the breed.  The breed has existed since before Roman
times, and was not "created" by the Moors by crossing Arabs and Spanish
ponies.  The characteristics of the breed, as it even has today, were
chronicled by writers in ancient times, and I'm glad they still have them.
I am doing lots more research on this, it is just too fun!

I work at the University of Arizona, Steward Observatory, with the Infrared
Group.  We are developing new generation far-IR detectors under a NASA
grant.  I come in here through the internet, and think this is one of the
best percs of my job!  I'm 36, married, no kids, 4 cats (15-year old
Franklin, 6-yr. Carina, 2-yr. Sonny, and his semi-wild sister Sandy), and
we have 3.2 acres and keep the horses at home. (Right now in the MUD!!)
I'm currently Pres of the Tucson Dressage Club (still don't know how I got
into that one!) despite the fact that I have yet to ride a test! I'm taking
grad classes part-time in hopes of getting a Master's in Astronomy, but we'll
see.  I'm at 12 units and getting AWFULLY tired of school.  One class at a
time goes really slow, and I'd rather come home from work and RIDE than do