contact on longe/long-reining (Long!)

contact on longe/long-reining (Long!)

Post by Dan Sugals » Tue, 09 Feb 1993 05:28:39

:           ...most successfully to a *** bar bit (but you
:           can't do dressage in the latter).

:      You can use a *** covered mullen mouth snaffle though.

: I thought a bar bit was the same or very similar to a mullen-mouth.  The one I
: have is a half-cheek, with the bar gently curved - essentially a cable covered
: in ***.  How is a mullen-mouth different from this?

The bit I'm speaking of is a metal bit with a medium mouth.  I was
thinking of this covered with sealtex (a***bandaging material).  Sorry
I wasn't clearer.  The *** bar bit is much more flexible, usually
consisting of wire covered with a lot of ***.  

: Also, I used this bit for several months last year until my instructor vetoed
: it because she couldn't move the bit around to her satisfaction.  Her
: preferred combination is a jointed snaffle with a drop nose band.

The mullen mouth does work a little differently than a single joint or a
double joint, but it does work better for some horses.  You might also
think about a Dr. Bristol.  My horse Martin reacted almost the same in a
single joint or French mouth, but was happier in the Bristol and happiest
in a mullen mouth.  



contact on longe/long-reining (Long!)

Post by Mary Heal » Tue, 09 Feb 1993 23:56:38


>I'm replying to comments from Rosalie and Karen - I apologize for the length
>and if people wish we can take this off line.  Let me know if you've heard
>enough from me/us on this topic.

>     Have you tried using side reins attached to a surcingle, while
>     keeping your long lines on the halter?  That way she's not
>     fighting your hands and you don't have to worry about YOU bumping
>     her mouth.

>I'd forgotten about these - thanks for reminding me. She *does* respect side
>reins.  I have the kind that don't give back -- one snatch and she settled
>right down.  Moving to saddle work could be interesting (I do know enough not
>to use side-reins while mounted).

>  I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am
>    not sure you realize that what you understand is not what I meant.

One way to "smooth" the transition between longing and riding is to
synchronize (SP?!) schedules with another boarder/rider (someone you
trust to longe your horse).  Have them longe her, with sidereins,
while you ride.  This is also a great exercise for developing and
deepening an independent seat, so maybe you can longe THEIR horse
while they ride.  Obviously, longing two horses takes longer than
longing one, so this is a time-consuming process.  I've used it a
few times (I've got pretty good barn-buddies!), mostly in
winter/early spring because that's Regis' injury-prone time.

Mary & Regis